A test using haxe openfl, rub to get surprize gifts. Demo


A kind of flappy bird as have enough voices, while game is not. Try Here


A hotel required a seating arrangement virtualy for clients before they reach or pre sheduling.

Can select number of seats with table

Drag choice of table on canvas to draw table and seats

Directly drag your mouse while down to draw custom table size.

Try Here


Fly and save from spread items, I can’t use the final version therefore to get the idea. Fly Here


Trying to fullfill clients requirement hopefully will turn into game. Try to save kids by clicking them Have a look


Save my honey friends I want to serve all to you. Under testing, Try It


Be happy where ever you are and share smile with all your friends ;) Try it


Here is the first html game that rocked the facebook for quite long. Try It


Learning with game is lot of fun.

Try Out

jersey app

Many Facebook Apps

Football fan ? then what you are waiting for create your own jerseys and show them to friends. There are many more apps just view list of apps on the page.

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