Hurray, my another project is live now and have acheived 2000 users within couple of days. Its an interactive web based game with sound, I have also tried it on iphone safari and it is working same as desktop ( but it is not for smart phones for now ).

I was just scrawling through the data application has gathered, that most of the users have reached to mission8 out of 11. While game is not that easy but it mean, it is engaging them.

I will definitely suggest you to try yourself ;) http://www.hblmoneyclub.com


It is based on popular cms wordpress, developed theme and installed newsletter plus news plugin.


This is one of the rich content website that holds products, their categories, recipes,


An interactive kitchen for ShanFoods in which user can interact with cupboards and their items, items can be zoomed for more details. It has shan history and video player to play shan intros and recipes, directly linked with shan’s youtube channel and have given shan full control on adding, updating and deleting videos from interactive kitchen playlist.


A very rich in feature/tool,


Very active project within its timeline for scheduled shifting of its theme and programming logics. It has four character representing four seasons and four types of quizes for kids to win special prizes like psp, ipod, etc.. A special AI was developed to adopt frequent changes while keeping the theme and logics as expected for respective quize. Database level loging was used to take out end user’s experience report and project outcomes.


Its a complete donation management system plus charities project management. Donor’s can monitor their pledges and donations use, progress of their interest charity’s projects with graph visuals. On the other hand charities can register and post their activities in the form of projects, full control on their details and super level administration of their data.


A very well known club website, theme implemented on GetSimple CMS, have added custom modules for member only logins, reservation forms and customization of gallery and other pages. Have added plugins for gallery, private contents, etc.


Have played a supporting and leading role in the development of emipakistan project. It is one of the biggest and complex projects. Playing audio playlist, live audio streaming, artists, songs and albums archives with user friendly navigation and bookmarking. This project developed on wordpress keeping in mind the low content updates and


Water Theme

Username: najmus
Password: bluelady
A flash paint application, kids have to make drawings to participate and drawing must have elements/concept of active theme.

Recylce Theme

Energy Theme

Environment Theme